What We Do

In Healing Eden we grow healthy food, host life changing retreats and are a place of learning. 

Most of all we are a community where people come to live, work and learn about regenerative living. 

Regenerative Farming

At Healing Eden we are pioneering regenerative farming methods using different ancient and modern agricultural and ecological practices. We are growing only seasonal fruits and vegetables reducing at its minimum soil disturbance and through the practice of composting.

Here you can buy fresh organic food and learn about regenerative farming practices as:

Retreats & Festivals

Focusing on a holistic approach, in Healing Eden we host and organize events related on the farming world as well as on natural cures, hollistic medicine and spirituality such as:


Healing Eden farm is beautifully situated in the triangle of Hardenberg, Dedemsvaart and Ommen, where the Sallandse Heuvelrug can almost be seen. Here you will be warmly welcomed by our growing community, relax and feel completely connected to nature. 

We offer the possibility to stay with us for short, medium and long period on the base of the agreement we find, whether is a voluntary work-exchange period, a residential accomodation or longer period of community approaching. At the moment the main farm house can accomodate 20 guests. For the next future we aim to create and provide new sustainable living spaces for those who want be part of our project and live here.

The areas available to guests are:

Community Building

Healing Eden is most of all a community where people come to live, work and learn about regenerative living. Here we aim to create a social atmosphere and we find it important that while we are doing projects, we also establish and nurture healthy relationships.

It is important that people, in Eden, experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness them this way. In this supportive environment the community serve as generators for healing, growth and empowerment.


Join The Eden Family!

Want to become part of our thriving community? At Healing Eden we have many exciting opportunities to contribute. We believe in the power of networking. 

Through combining the skills and talents of many we are sowing the seeds for an exciting future. Introduce other people and receive awesome discounts on our products and services!

Send us an email and find out how you can contribute to our growing community and get a taste of Eden.